Marketing will always be about people not products

There will always be new products, new media opportunities and a whole new generation of customers to talk to. But at BPL we believe that people don’t really change that much, even if the way we speak to them does.

It’s messaging, rather than media, that is most important.

While emotional engagement is key, we can’t forget that when it comes to making choices and parting with money, consumers also want to see the rational benefits.

Historically, BPL have delivered this balance incredibly successfully for brands like LandRover, where we showcased the “go anywhere” icon while reassuring customers of the day-to-day practicality and efficiency of the product. Portraying the brand as both a rugged adventurer, but also family friendly.

With iRobot, we took complex NASA-style technology and state of the art GPS and stripped it back to the real-world benefits – persuading people that it was exactly what they needed to keep their kitchen floors clean.

It’s a simple idea… engaging audiences with the emotional or unexpected, then closing the sale with the rational. By igniting customers dreams and fulfilling their functional requirements, we unlock the potential to create brands that are both loved and trusted.

At BPL, we believe that understanding the consumer and delivering what they want is not always that difficult if we listen and make our marketing about people, not products.

We call this Powerful Simplicity. If you’d like to hear more about what we could do for your brand, get in touch.