Celebrating little victories in the telecoms market

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From humble beginnings to a thriving customer base

When we first began working with SMARTY, they were a small SIM-only challenger brand – part of the Hutchinson group which also includes mobile giant Three.

Our job was to make SMARTY’s unique proposition clear.

In a market where trust in brands is low, ‘Simple, honest mobile’ was just what customers disillusioned with the big networks wanted – reliable access to data at some of the lowest prices around.

We knew we needed to grab the attention of the value-seeker; those mobile users savvy enough to know and trust this proposition. So, our first focus was digital targeting. Then, with direct response campaigns across digital, press and radio, we continued to grow the customer base from the 50,000 we had when we started.

By the time 2020 arrived, we had reached 400,000, with the next goal set at half a million. But to get there we would need a new approach… it was back to TV for the first time since launch.

A fist-bumpingly simple idea

Post-COVID, the joy of being outside together was something people truly celebrated. Every new victory was a bonus that filled us with positivity. It was out of these insights that the ‘Fist Bumps’ platform was born.

We wanted to create an idea that symbolised the everyday little victories that SMARTY brings to its customers, engaging with this post-COVID mindset and building an emotional connection with the audience.

Versatile in every way

At the heart of the campaign was a TV commercial featuring our relatable heroine, Georgie, who brightens up the world with her positive attitude (whether the world wants it or not).

Through her delivery, fist bumps became the ultimate symbol of everyday victories – representing everything from acknowledgement to respect, happiness, freedom, and connection. Values that aligned well with the SMARTY brand and that the audience would remember.

The ad was filmed, edited and built in a modular way, so that it could be adapted and re-used as necessary across TV, VOD and social.

So far there have been six different iterations featuring updated messages and offers.

Watch the TV ad

Fantastic results from an integrated campaign

Bringing this campaign to market was a combined effort from the entire agency – from design to copywriting, animation, and project management. As well as a collaboration with our production partners and (of course) the client.

The hard work, dedication, and enthusiasm with which the project was met meant we created something we could all be proud of.

Initial results proved the concept had worked. Web traffic rose by 50%, with a 92% increase in brand name searches.

And the biggest number for us… we didn’t just get to 500,000 customers as targeted, we actually topped 600,000.

Now, that deserves a fist bump!

If our partnership with SMARTY mobile sounds interesting to you, drop us a line and we’ll be happy to talk to you in more detail.

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