World-class all the way

Response / Advertising / Radio / Social / ECRM

The Challenge: Create a world-class experience for everyone

World class expertise is, by definition, easy for everyone to comprehend; however, the resulting care, compassion and results should also be simple to understand.

The London Clinic is one of the oldest, most prestigious private Hospitals in London but with new facilities and services coming on-stream it lacked a cohesive brand positioning.

Understanding the audience, and their motivations, was key to articulating this in an approachable, understandable manner.

A Simple Solution: We are simply better for you

We created a customer centric positioning and communications platform for The London Clinic to focus on their new services such as Health Assessments and Rapid Diagnostics.

In these times of pressure on the NHS and prolonged GP waiting times, along with a rise in Cancer diagnoses, we developed a Tone of Voice designed to be more approachable and reassuring and offer patients speedy access to appointments and diagnostics.

Powerful Results: 20% increase in lead generation for our sales teams

Working across print and digital media, as well as website, social and radio, supporting a more streamlined customer experience, the work saw a huge uplift in traffic to the website and enquiries via all booking platforms.

Now the customer service can really take over…