Bringing a diverse world together

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The Challenge: How do you make your brand front of mind all year round

Travelex see many of their customers only once, twice or three times a year.

In a world of just numbers and marginal differences between brands, with a commodity product, how do we get consumers to make a positive choice to use Travelex?

A Simple Solution: Engage not sell

Travelex have always had a strong media presence across multiple touchpoints using iconic, inspirational imagery and content from across the world. However, most of their content was transactional in nature – highlighting products and services, and locations in which they operate.

As a global brand they have many diverse audiences – employees and customers who represent a huge range of cultures; as well as customers who have many different reasons for travel – work, holidays, social or family commitments. Therefore, we wanted to include content that could build the brand and move their followers from people with a transactional interest in them, to people who would have a more emotional connection with the brand.

This diverse customer base needs a diverse and inclusive range of content to engage with all of them across multiple channels.

Powerful Results: It’s still a work in progress but the indicators are positive.

Increased social engagement, increased search, and web traffic.

Positive feedback from staff and customers, feeling part of a shared agenda with similar values.