Just write it down


Kindlin’s Law states that “if you write the problem down clearly, then the matter is half solved”.

Sounds simple. And it is.

We believe that writing things down is a fantastic way to unlock your thoughts. Plus, there’s the psychological nudge to get something done once you’ve written it down.

But don’t forget, your notes still need to be clear. Focus on one problem, own that problem and then choose your words carefully… the solution will always become more apparent.

When it comes to marketing, context is everything, and our context must be the real-world consumer who makes real-life choices.

Not even the best marketeers can solve ethereal issues like “The Purpose of Life” or “What is Consciousness”.

But we can contextualise these issues.

In the real world a question like this might be interpreted as “what is the most important thing we want to achieve?” and “how would I like my customer to think and behave?” and in doing so, we’re halfway to a solution.

It is unusual that we, or our boss, or our shareholders are the audience that we need to ultimately persuade (unless it’s budget time), so our job is to be the consumer in the room.

That’s why a good brief is so important. Not only does a brief need to simply convey the issue, but it should always give you the audience context to judge the proposed solution against.

If you have difficult problem that needs simplifying, why not get a second opinion? What do you have to lose? What could be simpler than that?

At BPL we would love to hear from you and see if we can help.