Digital engagement at retail

Response / Design / POS

The Challenge: Helping independent retail evolve with the market

The BPL team has worked with the Guardian since 2005. The challenge this gives us is to keep innovating and introducing new consumers, new products and new ways of working… keeping everything we execute fresh.

A great example of this is the evolution of our retail engagement programme, keeping newspapers front and centre of retailers business.

Around 20,000 UK newsagents stock The Guardian and The Observer, and it can be tricky informing them all of product changes. Add to that the pressure of COVID-19, and we realised a more pragmatic approach was needed to launch the brand’s new Subscriber Card.

A Simple Solution: If retailers promote it, the consumers will use it.

We started by saying Thank You. Retailers had gone above and beyond in 2020, so we sent a mailer thanking them for their support. The mailer also introduced the new subscription card, with a window poster and barcode to order further POS for their store.

A second mailer reminded retailers about the card, with an integral shelf strip to display. Again, there was a barcode to order more POS, and a section of FAQs compiled from retailer feedback from the first phase.

In phase 3, we used the data from the barcode scans to see which retailers were most engaged. Extensive POS kits were then produced featuring posters, wobblers, window stickers and shelf talkers and sent out to them.

Powerful Results: Great trade adoption driving consumer uptake.

1,200 retailers were identified as having engaged with the campaign, with over 800 scanning both mailings.

As a result, 2,300 readers are now using the new subscription cards.