Going strong in an evolving sector

Retail / Experiential / Sampling / Response / Loyalty

A partnership since 2005.

In a time when technology is king and free content is widely available, newspapers continue to be hit where it hurts – circulation.

Throughout our relationship with GNM, we’ve had to think on our feet, adapt and expand our offering to meet their needs.

Where it all started

It all began when we developed a bespoke planning tool to support a B2B retailer programme called ‘Your Business’.

This was done by overlaying metrics such as demographic and psychographic data, along with proximity to reader-friendly establishments like universities, workplace types and independent retailers, to identify potential.

We used this information to build the ‘Your Business’ CRM program – providing high-potential retailers with ongoing tools and promotions to bring Guardian readers through their door.


Our relationship flourished

Everything we do now is heavily targeted using sales data to identify the places we can make the most difference, whether it’s a high-profile product launch or tactical retail initiatives across both multiple and independent retail estates.

We’ve also run a large number of sampling campaigns that have literally delivered product and promotions into consumers’ hands at the right place and right time; from commuter hubs and retail outlets, to relevant cultural events such as food and music festivals.

Happy Guardian and Observer. Happy us.

We continue to use retail and non-traditional channels to target new audiences and generate prospective leads, and helping increase millennial and Gen Z readership to ensure a future for the brand.

Plus, we’ve even picked up a few awards along the way. In fact, we’ve won eight Circulation Industry Awards and five marketing awards!

If our partnership with The Guardian sounds interesting to you, drop us a line and we’ll be happy to talk to you in more detail.

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