Selling is about being easy to buy

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The Challenge: How multichannel brands balance Trading and Brand

At Three, trading priorities differed greatly between the brand and product teams responsible for contract handsets, contract SIMs, Pay As You Go, and Broadband.

Not only were the consumer and business audiences different for each segment, but when you factor in the brand narrative, messaging in retail could become cluttered.

A Simple Solution: Say less, say the important things

To create harmony, we first created combinations of brand building messaging that would boost a retail audiences’ confidence in the brand’s offering.

By reaffirming Three’s UK data coverage, its status as an award-winning network, Unlimited proposition and
super-fast 5G, we were able to boost the brand’s credibility before a shopper had even engaged with staff in store.

Trading messaging, that were not sensitive to pricing changes, also served as a constant reminder of our value, and acted as an initial starter for staff to find out more about the customer’s specific requirements.

Never forget the art of selling is being easy to buy.

Powerful Results: Making life easier for retail colleagues and consumers led to a double whammy for sales

This perfect balance of brand and trading allowed us to increase both brand affinity and credibility across all of Three’s audiences. A real win-win for Three.

Customers were less confused, retail colleagues were more ‘au fait’ with the sales stories, meaning sale of the focused products increased.