Creating a sustainable brand

Advertising / Design / Video / Direct Mail / ECRM

The Challenge: Putting SYNETIQ at the forefront of sustainability

SYNETIQ was formed when several businesses in the UK auto-salvage market came together to grow value in the market and fight off competition from large multinationals. BPL were tasked with helping them define their brand strategy and engage both B2C and B2B markets with audiences as diverse as fleet management, insurance, and the public sector.

The UK salvage sector was suffering from a reputation problem – often referred to as ‘the bottom feeders’ of the automotive industry. Our strategy was to encourage a radical reappraisal of the sector, with SYNETIQ taking the lead in making it more regulated, innovative, and trustworthy.

In truth, SYNETIQ is the UK’s largest disposer of road vehicles, recycling on average 96.4% of the cars that they salvage.

A Simple Solution: Help our partners navigate the “Road to Tomorrow”

We created ‘Our Road to Tomorrow’ an ongoing strategic initiative aimed at bringing sustainability to the fore. The businesses existing Green Parts unit gave the brand credibility, while new proposals like staff sustainability training, an all-electric fleet and calculated CO2 savings, reinforced their mission and goals.

Winning business, keeping business, and helping change the attitude towards the sector as a whole

‘Our Road to Tomorrow’ has helped SYNETIQ cement their position as the most progressive business in the sector.

Over just two years, the company has doubled in size, gaining several new B2B accounts, largely due to the sustainability positioning.