Everyone is having to do more with less


So, who hasn’t thought about this more and more over recent weeks or months…

In the world of marketing, everyone is having to do more with less. Certainly, many, if not all of our clients are asking us how to make this work.

But we’re not worried. Because we believe doing less is sometimes a better thing.

Hear us out.

There is a consensus amongst productivity gurus and highly successful people that the less you do, but with greater focus, the more impactful, accomplished and fulfilled you will be.

Take Aldi for example, industry research from earlier this year shows that the brand’s share of the UK grocery market had increased to just under 9.5% of the UK market.

Why? Well there are multiple factors, but think about this:

  • Tesco used to offer 28 different tomato ketchups, whereas Aldi offer just two types in one size.
  • Tesco offers 224 types of air freshener, while Aldi have 12.

As well as great value pricing, simplicity and ease of use are also very important to customers. By not overwhelming them with choice, Aldi made themselves an ‘easy’ supermarket to shop at.

Our research has shown that 64% of consumers feel overwhelmed with choice and 7% say they will switch to a competitor if it’s easier to buy.

So, when it comes to your brand, maybe you need to do less and turn the focus onto effectiveness to give your customers what they really want.

Keep it clear. Keep it simple. And remember…

84% of customers claim that clear content is important to them while only 49% of brands deliver clear concise communication.

At BPL, we can help you make your marketing simpler, clearer, and more effective, to help you do more with less. That’s why we set ourselves the ambition of making every £1 work like £10.

If you have a particularly sticky problem. Why not set us the challenge and we’ll happily tell you what we would do…

Just give us a call or drop us an email today.