New Year’s Resolutions for the Tech World

2020 has been a difficult and complicated year, there’s no denying it. Every business has been affected in one way or another. But it’s down to us to decide how we respond to this ‘new normal’.

Consumer behaviours have changed rapidly over the past 12 months, and some of these shifts are likely to be permanent. Tech businesses in particular have the biggest opportunity to benefit from this – with people looking for more convenient, effective and efficient ways of doing things. Just look at the way companies like Zoom and Amazon have reacted and adapted to these changes.

At BPL, we work with a number of tech and software businesses and the hot topic is how the next year will pan out. What should they be doing to take advantage of this new environment?

Here are our 4 New Year’s Resolutions that every tech company should consider…


Think ‘acts, not ads’

To the outside world tech and software businesses can feel like faceless organisations. It’s often hard to see the heart behind the numbers. But in 2021 it will be vital to build more meaningful relationships with consumers, and to do that you need to be seen as a force for good.

What businesses do is far more influential than what they say. But it must be authentic, like a natural extension of the brand. Remember, sustainability, inclusivity and diversity are the bare essentials – so you need to think beyond that. What initiative could you take the lead on?

For over 10 years we’ve helped The Guardian work closely with local independent retailers, giving them the tools they need to become a more important part of the community. This project shows how you can build a connection that feels natural to the brand and their principles – doing good things for causes that matter to you.


Be more human

It may seem like an overused term nowadays, but it holds true. Many tech and software companies still get bogged down in ‘tech speak’, focussing on complicated features which confuse and alienate potential customers.

Brands should focus on delivering better human experiences, not just better efficiency. And they can do that by tapping into clear human benefits – showing how their tech is relevant to people’s lives and how it will make things easier.

We call this ‘humanising technology’, and we saw how effective it can be when we helped US household robotics firm iRobot launch in EMEA.

Instead of talking about tech, we encouraged them to showcase the human benefits of their products, helping to build relevance as customers began to understand how iRobot could fit into their lives. Instead of ‘spinning side brushes’, ‘adaptive navigation’ and ‘vacuum suction’, we built campaigns around the idea of ‘bare foot clean’ – a concept that customers could really see the benefit of.


Stay close to your customers

As we’ve seen this year, things can change fast, and you never know what’s around the corner. This is especially true for tech and software brands who can go from disruptor to old hat at the blink of an eye.

In order to remain relevant brands need to think in an agile and reactive way. But this takes a couple of things:

  • A deep understanding of your audience – who they are, how they think, and what influences them. And not just one-off research, it needs to be on an ongoing basis.
  • Structures and processes in place to help spot and react to new opportunities. Don’t miss out on building closer relationships with your audience.

When the first COVID lockdown was enforced, the last thing on people’s minds was a new mobile SIM contract. We worked with SMARTY mobile to shift their strategy towards one that added value, ensuring they stayed relevant to the changing needs of their audience. Through a series of fun blogs we leveraged the brand’s personality and expertise in technology to bring some much-needed inspiration to people’s lives. This meant that SMARTY was viewed as a brand that understood and appreciated their customers, making them first choice when getting a new SIM became a priority again.


Keep it simple

Consumers are, let’s face it, overwhelmed with marketing. Everywhere they go online they are bombarded with messaging as brands shift towards ecommerce.

But our attention spans are getting smaller – the average shopper will likely spend 8 seconds on your ad. 8 seconds!

With that being the case, it’s more important than ever that your messages are simple and engaging – cutting though the noise around them. Whether you do this by swapping mediums or where you target, cutting out buzzwords, or creating headlines that hook the viewer with a relatable benefit – it all depends on who your audience are, how they think and how they behave. That’s why understanding them is all important.

We call this approach ‘Powerful Simplicity’. We make things less complex so they can be more successful. And it’s what we’re great at.

If you want to find out more about our approach and what we can do for you, get in touch.