How can brands practice self-care?


Unlike people, you can’t take your brand for a spa day, give it a massage, or take it for a cheeky Nandos to help it feel better. But there are some ways you can apply the principles of self-care to rejuvenate your business.

Physical self-care: The day-to-day stuff

In the body physical self-care would be the sleep you’re getting, the diet you’re eating and the exercise you’re taking. For your brand it’s about the structure of your business, how your marketing is performing, and knowing the state of your brand’s health.

  • Make sure your organisational structure isn’t hindering progression. Too make stakeholders, are like too many cooks.
  • Ensure you’re getting a good return on investment for your marketing strategy.
  • Define your goals and objectives to know where you’re headed.

Social self-care: Good communication

Close connections are important to the well-being of your brand. The best way to cultivate and maintain close relationships is to put time and energy into building relationships with your target market.

  • Use social media to hold meaningful conversations with your audience.
  • Be reactive and create content that relates to events in real time.
  • Respond to questions and show you care about their experience.

Mental self-care: Strategy and research

Keep your brand’s mind sharp by learning more about your industry, your audience and how you can innovate. Look beyond the obvious and challenge the status quo.

  • Research your target market’s likes and dislikes, wants and needs.
  • Monitor trends in your industry to make sure you’re always innovating.
  • Don’t be afraid to look for a different perspective or try a different approach.

Spiritual self-care: CSR and charity

Nurture your spirit by doing things that help your brand develop a deeper sense of meaning, understanding or connection with the world.

  • Explore how your brand might be able to take a more active role in local communities.
  • How might you be more environmentally conscious in your business practices?
  • Find charities related to your industry that you can support.

Emotional self-care: Your internal team

It’s important to keep your internal teams motivated and support their growth and development. Motivation and incentivisation is key in keeping teams happy – which in turn keeps your brand happy.

  • Create a corporate culture that supports your workers at every level.
  • Offer valuable opportunities for training, development and progression.
  • Incentivise your vision of success and reward the team for reaching goals.

At BPL, we can help you give your brand a little loving. So if you’re looking for a new perspective, get in touch today.